LHHATL Spice Went HAM On Nightly Fix Host In Tense Interview “S*ck Yo Mada”

Spice and Naro

Spice went HAM on Nightly Fix co-host Naro during a tense interview at her Captured album launch.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star hosted her mixtape launch party in Kingston on Wednesday and all hell broke loose when she sat down for an interview with Nightly Fix. Co-host of the podcast aired on YouTube, Naro, admitted to Spice that he has been critical of her on the show, and that’s when the interview went south.

“Why are you critical about me?” she asked Naro. “Is it because of my complexion? I am asking you if its because of the color of my skin why you’re more critical with me because I don’t see you doing it with nobody else. You feel I don’t know about Nightly Fix? People are talking about it that you live on my name Nightly Fix and you downplay me and you degrade me.”

In another segment of the interview, Spice told Naro to “s*ck yo mada.” “Anyway our conversation has expired so you can do me a favor… go s**k yuh mada,” she said while adding that she even hate the show that was on his feet.

“Since the video is already all over let me just take the time out to say this loud and clear,” Spice wrote. “Keep the same energy when your in front of my face . This dead dog slander my name and degrade me behind my back every night on his program. Never have nothing good to say about me yet, now he’s in my face him come a laugh.”