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Rapper Da Baby Arrested After Shooting A Man Dead At Walmart

Da Baby

Rapper Da Baby was arrested after shooting a man inside a Walmart.

Popular Charlotte underground rapper Da Baby could be facing some serious legal troubles, or his life could be in danger at the very least after he killed another man during an inside at a Walmart in North Carolina. According to reports, Baby got into a scuffle with a would-be robber while shopping at a Walmart that he regularly shops at. The unnamed man was trying to rob the rapper of his expensive chain and other jewelry, but things went south when they got into a fight forcing the rapper to pull his gun and shot the man killing him on the scene.

Sources say Da Baby waited at the scene for police to arrive. He told cops that he shoot the robber in self-defense, but he was taken into custody nonetheless. The full details surrounding the incident is not yet known, however, Da Baby has not been charged with a crime. Police say they are actively investigating the killing and are combing through surveillance footage to get a better idea of what really went down.

The Walmart is currently closed and cordons off with crime tape. As for Da Baby fans, they are asking for cops to release the rapper because he was only defending himself. “Free dat man because he was only defending himself smh he would not have been arrested if he was white,” one fan wrote.

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