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Rapper The Game Sexual Assault Accuser Wants Him Thrown In Prison

The Game
The Game

The Game sexual assault accuser wants him thrown in prison.

The West Coast rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, is still not cooperating with authorities and still dodging his accuser’s attorneys. The Game was hit with a $7 million judgment from a lawsuit filed by Priscilla Rainey who claimed that he sexually assaulted her during the taping of his reality TV show, “She Got Game.” She was a contestant on the show and went on a date with The Documentary rapper when he allegedly touched her vagina and bottom. Game didn’t respond to her lawsuit, and a judge granted her a default judgment.

Rainey now wants the rapper to turn over his financial documents, and a judge also ordered him to turn over the docs to her legal team, but so far he refused. The woman now wants a judge to send The Game to prison for not following the orders.

Game is also fighting back because he claimed that she is lying and that he has turned over the documents that she requested. His attorney filed several motions in court asking a judge to call off his arrest warrant because he followed instructions and turn over the documents. As for Priscilla Rainey, she is fighting to block the rapper from getting the warrant dropped, claiming that she did not receive all of the documents.

She also wants The Game to explain hundreds of thousands of dollars that he made over the past few months, including a $220,000 payment he received. Rainey says that The Game “has still not described the numerous large cash deposits made by him during the relevant period.”

This back-and-forth tug of war in court is not expected to end anytime soon.