Dancehall Fans Blast Foota Hype Over Gofundme Account For New Phone

Foota Hype

Foota Hype isn’t getting much love from dancehall fans after launching a Gofundme account to get a new phone.

The veteran sound system selector shocked some of his followers on Instagram last week when he went on his Live and announced that he wants them to buy him a new cell phone so that he can continue his antics on social media. The Gofundme target is set for US$1000, and at the time of this publication, he was at US$359.

Foota Hype also told his followers that he would be providing an address for anyone living overseas for them to ship phones to him. “All my followers who love my [Instagram] live weh want mi get the new phone the GoFundMe up and running mek mi si if mi have real followers now,” Foota said.

Some fans went on his Gofundme account to vent their anger while some suggest that the disc jockey is pulling a publicity stunt. “GTFOH…..people hungry and dying and you begging new cell phone. You should be shame as should anyone that donates,” Lisa wrote.

“Isn’t Foota Hype a big selector, him can’t pay for a phone himself? Why should I take my hard earn money and give to him, how about come off Instagram and gofindme a job,” another fan wrote.

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