Chase Cross Says Mavado Holding Up Amidst Son Incarceration

Mavado and Chase Cross

Chase Cross says Mavado is holding up amidst his son’s incarceration.

Mavado has been going through one of the hardest periods of his life amidst the incarceration of his teenage son, which happened just around the time that he was shot at in Cassava Piece in June of this year. The Gully Gad’s cousin, Chase Cross, sat down for an interview with Winford Williams where he briefly spoke about the issue and how the singer is handling everything.

“Him a hold it the best he can because we all know that everybody is a human being,” Cross said. “Him a good through a little phase right now seeing that his son is locked up and the whole situation that happened. But he is going to be good and things because he is a soldier, God for the Gully. So he is holding up pretty well.”

Mavado recently released a new single “Dancehall Prophecy” where he paid homage to his son as well as respond to his critics who call him a bad father for leaving Jamaica while his on gets locked up.

The dancehall singer’s son is currently being held without bail at a Juvenile Detention Center in Kingston. Cops say they have text message evidence linking him to a murder in Cassava Piece.