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Joe Budden Says Eminem Not Worth Coming Out Of Retirement For

Joe Budden Eminem beef

Joe Budden says he is not coming out of retirement to diss Eminem.

When Eminem dissed Joe Budden on his new album Kamikaze, there was a lot of talks that the former Slaughterhouse rapper will be coming out of retirement to offer up a response. The speculations can now be laid to rest, because Budden says he will not be dusting off his microphone to respond to two weak bars from his former friend turn foe. During his interview with HipHopDX, he was also asked if responding to Em would contradict his retirement.

“Yeah, no. I don’t think it contradicts my retirement,” Budden said. “I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t want to dust off the microphone and get in the studio strictly to respond to two bars. I think that would contradict my retirement and all the work that I’ve done up to this point.”

The bottom line is, Joe Budden feels like Eminem is not worth his efforts. Last month he responded to the diss saying that he is a better rapper than Slim Shady. He added in the motive now for Em is to sell records, and he is not going to give him that pleasure.

“When Joe Budden was ‘relevant’ he just had that passion,” he continues. “Nobody said anything to Joe Budden. So today, those same rules apply. When I am under attack now because we are not so irrelevant. I have to seek what the motives are to do that. I’m not just going to the studio to give somebody else the benefit of saying ‘Yeah, Joe responded. I’m retired, I mean it.”