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Kevin Gates Says Lil Wayne Threaten To Eat Him “Scariest Moment Of His Life”

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates recalls a past threat from Lil Wayne as the scariest moment of his life.

Just Like Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates will be dropping his new album Luca Brasi 3 tonight, but before the project arrives, the Baton Rouge rapper is shedding some light on a past meeting he had with Weezy. The New Orleans rapper is dominating the headlines right now, but Gates is hoping to grab some of the attention for his new project. Even Kanye West has conceded that Wayne will outshine even him, so he has pushed back his new album Yandhi to this Saturday.

A preview of an interview that he did Sway Calloway, Kevin Gates spoke about a meeting he had with Lil Wayne and Mack Maine when they were trying to sign him to Young Money as a young artist coming up in the game. Gates said the meeting was very unpleasant with Weezy threatened to blackball him in the industry if he didn’t sign a contract with Young Money.

“When Wayne sat across that table with Mack Maine, and Wayne says ‘man if you not over here, you ain’t gon’ eat,” the Brasi rapper said. “If you not over here, you know what I’ma do to you if you not over here.”

Kevin Gates said that after that exchange he asked Lil Wayne what he meant with that statement, and Weezy’s response was plain and simple, “I’ma eat you.” Perhaps Wayne meant that he would crush Gates career or plain old blackball him in the industry. Whatever the meaning you take from that, it can’t be anything good, and sure enough, it left Gates shook to his core.

“That was the scariest moment of my life when you a young artist, you trying to learn the game, you don’t really know the game, and you got an artist at the top telling you that if you don’t sign over here all or nothin’, you ain’ going to sign nowhere,” Gates continues.

Maybe it’s now safe to say that Nicki Minaj picked up a few of that habit because she is being blamed left right and center for “stopping people’s bags.” The full Kevin Gates interview with Sway will be aired this weekend.