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Bow Wow Apologize To So So Def Amidst Beef With Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow

Bow Wow has issued an apology to So So Def after his recent beef with founder Jermaine Dupri.

Last week, Jermaine Dupri ousted Bow Wow as a liar and a maniac during his interview on The Breakfast Club. The legendary producer and founder of So So Def Records unequivocally said Bow Bow was never on drugs and that the rapper/actor is lying to his teeth if he said otherwise. Shadmoss got so angry after the interview came out that he went on an expletive-laced tantrum on social media while blasting Dupri and announcing his departure from the upcoming So So Def Tour.

It seems someone sat him down and gave him a good talking to or perhaps he just had some time to think about everything and realized just how wrong he was. “Want to apologize to my fans and the public and my SSD family lately I been tripping and acting like a f**k boy,” Bow Wow wrote on Twitter. “My mind is clear I’m back on track thanks to GOD! see you on the road. Forgive me for my immature ways. Let’s handle business. Thanks.”

While he didn’t mention Jermaine Dupri by name, it’s pretty clear that Bow Wow is feeling sorry about his recent social media antics, particularly the things he said about Dupri was instrumental in his career as a child rapper.

Bow Wow also announced that his new music video “Broken Heart” is coming despite the delays. “Sorry for the delay on “Broken Heart” Video. Just got the final mix of the record back. Have to sync it now so it will be out tomorrow. Thanks! #BrokenHeart,” he tweeted.

The So So Def tour kicks off on October 14 in Washington, D.C. and runs all the way through to November 2nd when the curtains will be pulled in Los Angeles.

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Bow Wow Fires Back At Jermaine Dupri After He Claims Bow’s Lean Addiction Wasn’t Real: “Why Can't N**gas Just Keep My Name Out They Mouth” – @Blogged by:@RaquelHarrisTV (@power1051) ????????? ????????? It looks like #JermaineDupri and #BowWow are breaking apart. ????????? ????????? In the midst of the #SoSoDef Tour Dupri and his former mentee seem to be going to battle, following an interview Dupri had with #TheBreakfastClub. Dupri sat down with the radio show trio and #DJEnvy inquired about Bow’s claims of being slightly addicted to lean. Bow previously tweeted that he too could have shared the same fate as late rapper #MacMiller, who died of a drug overdose. ????????? ????????? However, Dupri said he and Bow’s relationship was the same as it was with his other artists, adding that the Ohio native’s drug addiction story was merely something he wanted to say on social media. But this didn’t sit too well with Bow Wow, who lashed out after hearing Dupri’s words. “Why can’t n**gas just keep my name out they mouth,” Bow said along with a tweeted clip of JD’s explanation. Dupri also mentioned that he no longer followed the 31-year-old on social media but has yet to block him. ????????? ????????? This set Bow off into a social media rampage where he tweeted, “2 types of people I never met in my life a motherf**ker like me or a motherf**ker I need.” Bow also revealed that he won’t be joining his old crew or the So So Def 25th anniversary Tour.

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