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Machine Gun Kelly Says He Has Another Eminem Diss Track On Deck

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem beef

Machine Gun Kelly is ready for war with Eminem. This beef is a battle to the end between the Rap God and the Rap Devil.

MGK is perhaps the first big name rapper in history to be openly pushing to go to an all-out war with Slim Shady. While we patiently await Eminem to respond to Machine Gun Kelly‘s vicious diss track “Rap Devil,” MGK is making it clear that he has another diss track on deck waiting for whatever smoke Em is coming with.

The Cleveland rapper performed at the Grand Rapids’ Van Andel Arena in Michigan last night where he called out Eminem. Machine Gun Kelly told the crowd that he is ready and waiting and that this is a battle between the old and new era of Hip-Hop. “This is a battle between the past and the mother****ing future,” he said while mentioning Slim Shady by name. “Knees weak of old age, the real Slim Shady can’t stand up.”

MGK also performed the diss track “Rap Devil” as the crowd went wild. It would’ve been epic if Eminem just walked onto the stage. Machine Gun Kelly still says Eminem is his idol but added that Em’s last four albums are as bad as his selfie game.

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem have been beefing with each other since around 2012 when MGK made a statement about the rap icon’s daughter. While it was intended to be a compliment, Shady took it seriously and banned the Cleveland MC from his Sirius XM radio stations. Fast forward to last week, Eminem finally issued a diss track “Not Alike” on his new album Kamikaze where he dissed MGK while calling him out by name.

It didn’t take long for Kelly to respond with “Rap Devil” which is also a shot at G-Eazy who also dropped a diss track. Folks around Eminem have been sounding the trumpet saying he got some heat coming, but we’ve yet to hear anything.