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50 Cent Associate Young Buck Reacts To Embarrassing Viral Video

50 Cent and Young Buck

50 Cent associate Young Buck has shared his reaction to an embarrassing viral video.

Earlier this week a video clip went viral online allegedly of Young Buck getting in with a transgender man. This scandal really hits home hard for the G-Unit rapper who posted a video on the Gram going ape sh*t. But then another audio of him surfaced online where you can hear him begging the man to take down the video and clear his name.

This is especially damaging for a gangsta rapper like Young Buck in this ultra-masculine Hip-Hop arena. 50 Cent, who is known for trolling people relentlessly on social media, has been radio silent about this one, perhaps because this is his close friend and a member of his G-Unit label.

In the clip he posted on his Instagram, Young Buck made it clear that he is not the person in the video and that someone is trying to tarnish his name. There are also some allegations that someone was supposed to get paid and the money was not forthcoming, so that’s why the video went up in the first place.

50 Cent, aka Kanan Stark, is probably watching all of this unfold saying, “whatever they said that Young Buck did, he did that sh*t.”

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Here is the audio allegedly of Buck.