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Chris Brown Brushes Off Jake Paul Calling Him Out For A Fight

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Chris Brown brushes off Jake Paul calling him out last weekend for a fight.

Jake Paul is now riding on a high horse after beating KSI in a celebrity boxing match on Saturday. After his victory, the YouTuber says he wants to fight Chris Brown next, but judging from Breezy’s response, it’s not going to happen. For those of you who don’t know who Jake Paul is, he is a famous YouTuber who make all sorts of videos and has over 16 million followers. He often gets bashed on social media for posting sensitive videos on his channel.

We all know who Breezy is and after winning his fight on Saturday, this is what Paul had to say, “Chris Brown — I know you were supposed to fight Soulja Boy, but I think it’s time to get in the ring with someone your size. So, Chris Brown, I want to see you.”

A fan left a comment on Twitter saying, “Chris Brown doesn’t even know who this fool is so this fight will never happen, dude just looking for publicity off this man’s name.” Breezy liked the comment which is a clear sign that he has no interest in a celebrity boxing match with Jake Paul.

Brown and Soulja Boy had a previous beef that they had planned on settling inside the boxing ring, but that fight keeps getting put off until the rapper admitted that too much gang politics was involved. Since that time we haven’t been hearing much about Soulja Boy, and Chris Brown is still very much a hugely popular singer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the “Loyal” singer don’t need any extra press or dough from a celebrity fight.

Who do you think would win a celebrity boxing match between Chris Brown and Jake Paul? I got Breezy.