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50 Cent Character Kanan Killed In Power Season 5 Fans Tribute The OG

50 Cent Kanan

50 Cent fans are paying tribute to his character Kanan who was killed off in Power season 5 episode 8.

If you haven’t seen the new episode of Power, then don’t read this article because it contains spoilers. Kanan was killed in a shootout with police officers after Tasha set him up with Tariq’s help. If you have been following 50 Cent‘s Kanan character then you know he can’t be killed that easily and will never go down easy. He would’ve been taken to jail, but instead, he chose to fight and ended up killing all the police officers. He was shot in the gunfight and died while trying to drive away from the scene in one of the squad cars.

Some fans of the show were left disappointed and paid tribute to one of the most beloved characters on Power. Even 50 Cent’s co-star, Lala Anthony, wrote a touching tribute to Kanan.

“Shouts to @50cent for making Kanan a character on Power we will never forget??He brought Kanan to life every single episode. Gonna miss Kanan @50cent is nothing to play with in this acting game??See you in the directors chair next season Fif…can’t wait!! YOU KILLED IT…KANAN FOREVER??Who watched @power_starz?? #powertv #getthestrap,” Lala wrote.

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They kill my ni**a #kanan ? #power

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