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Nicki Minaj Is A Powerful Egyptian Queen In “Ganja Burn” Video

Nicki Minaj Ganja Burn

Nicki Minaj drops the video for her new single “Ganja Burn” off her new album Queen.

The queen of hip-hop travels where she bears her all for the camera. Mert and Marcus directed the Egyptian-themed cut. The video paints a story of how some enemies of the queen concocted a plan to take her down and burn her kingdom. Her enemies slaughtered everyone in her village, but the queen came back more powerful than ever after she reassembled her army.

“Once upon a time, in a world unknown,” a message at the start of the video reads. “There lived a queen. The generous queen. One day, her enemies all came together to hold a secret meeting and concocted a plan to take the generous queen down. They conspired with someone who was once very close to her and struck like a thief in the night. Though the queen could hear and see them in her mind, she decided to allow them an easy victory. She advised her army to do and say nothing. They slaughtered her village.”

Nicki Minaj then said the queen went into a deep sleep and when she had enough rest, she came back with a vengeance. She then gives rise to her army and advice them to kill everyone in sight.