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Jimmy Kimmel Silence Kanye West With One Question About Trump

Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel managed to make Kanye West go radio silent with a straightforward question about Donald Trump.

Kanye West was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!” talk show last night, and again he made headlines over his love for President Trump. It’s no secret that Kimmel is a staunched critic of the president and Ye is a die-hard supporter. Kimmel asked Kanye about his famous statement about President Bush not caring about black people and why he thinks Trump is the opposite and he went silent.

“In literal terms, there are families being torn apart at the border of this country, and there are literally families being torn apart as a result of what this president is doing,” Jimmy asked. “I think that we cannot forget that whether we like his personality or not his actions are really what matter. I mean you’ve so famously and powerfully said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does or any people at all?”

Kanye West took a long pause at that moment perhaps to gather his thoughts or something, but this is embarrassing for Kanye and his family, he should just go back off the grid.