Popcaan Reacts To Backlash Over Viral Gun Totting Video


Popcaan has responded to some recent backlash over a viral gun totting video.

Last week, a clip of the Unruly Boss surfaced on social media showing him recklessly shooting a high powered rifle and a handgun. The clip didn’t sit so well with some of his fans who voiced their disappointments on the Gram. A rep for Popcaan has since addressed the concerns of fans saying that the shooting took placed in a safe and controlled environment and no one safety was in jeopardy.

“The worst handling of a fire arm I’ve ever seen plus him wouldn’t even hit a target to save him life,” one fan wrote.

“All the stupid people thinks this is Kool y’all sick that boy [Popcaan] is a [clown],” another fan added. “First off you don’t drop rifles like that the air pin sensitive you lucky it didn’t kick back an shoot off your head top live keep doing sh*t for likes show off bring disgrace 3rd hand gun in a front must be on safety that’s why so much fools shot them self.”

Popcaan was in Frankford, Ontario, Canada when he shoot the video and sources told us that he was with two trained license firearm holders when he was doing target practice. One of the license firearm holders, Nicholas Carino, released a statement explaining what was happening. “It was just target shooting. We just wanted to have fun by taking our guest to shoot at targets,” Carino said.

The Hotskull deejay’s management team says he was just enjoying himself and they can’t understand the backlash. “We do not understand the cause for all the speculations when it is just Popcaan enjoying himself in the confines of the gun range,” his team said.

Popcaan is getting ready to drop his new album on Friday of this week.

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