Mr. Vegas Is Donkey Of The Day His “Meh Meh” Video Went Viral

Mr Vegas meh meh

Mr. Vegas deserves another “Donkey of the Day” just because of this “Meh Meh” video.

In case you’re wondering what’s a “Meh Meh,” you’re not alone. Mr. Vegas went viral for the second time in one week when he posted a video chastising fans for making memes about his previous viral video of a shooting incident in Kingston that took place on Monday of this week. The dancehall star filmed the entire fiasco including when a man shot a security guard who attacked him.

Mr. Vegas has been getting trolled all week with memes, and on Friday he decided to post a response on social media that ultimately backfired miserably for him. “One thing you know black people talent you know,” MV said. “Me see some real creative meh meh, it’s the baddest meh-meh them me a tell yo say anybody who made those meh meh trust me you’re really talented.”

In case your still confused, what Mr. Vegas was trying to say is that the fans who are creating the memes are very talented and should use their creative minds to also create some memes for the folks who are doing heinous crimes. Too bad his message got lost into his own ignorance of mispronouncing a popular word in today’s digital age.

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Where the “Meh Meh” them ??? ??????? #mrvegas

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#mrvegas back at it again #mehmeh ???

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