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JAY-Z Gets Turned Into A Meme After Awkward Jet Ski Moment

JAY-Z is the latest meme craze on social media.

JAY-Z is perhaps the only rapper who will look awkward doing regular stuff like riding a Jet Ski. The rap legend gets turned into a meme on July 4th holiday when some very awkward photos of him riding a jet ski while wearing a helmet and a life vest. Not surprisingly, some more photos surfaced showing Beyonce riding a jet ski without any protective gears, and she looked free-spirited and seemed to be having a lot of fun.

On the other hand, JAY-Z looked like a grandpa just learning to drive a car. Twitter has been roasting him relentlessly, and I am sure Hov is somewhere right now reading the tweets and either crying with laughter or fuming and wishing that he had never set foot on that jet ski.

“Why does Jay Z have on a helmet for a jet ski? omg get that man to an assisted living home already,” one fan wrote on Twitter while another added, “Ok so I think we have an idea what kind of lines might be in any upcoming diss tracks against Jay Z. Has literally anyone ever worn a helmet on a jet ski, ever?”

JAY-Z and Beyonce hit the ocean in Sardinia, Italia for the holidays. The couple is currently making their way across Europe for their “On The Run II” Tour.