Jah Cure Gets Exposed Begging Bookings In leaked Voice Notes

Jah Cure

Jah Cure is getting more bad press this week.

Jah Cure can be heard in the below voice note that was leaked online begging promoters in Dubai for cheap bookings. Why is this making the news now? Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, then you would’ve known that Jah Cure posted a video on the Gram last month blasting local promoters, disc jockeys, and producers for not paying him what he is asking for.

The reggae singer held nothing back in his very explicit video where he told sound system selectors to “s**k your mother.” That clip is in staunched contrast to this leaked voice note of Jah Cure pleading with promoters in Dubai to book him for shows by just paying for his hotel accommodation.

“Bro I am in need of some money, can anyone of these people that wants to do the date tell me how much they are offering and I will make the agreement myself and let Tamara sign it,” the singer said. “Give me some small change and we confirm some dates right now because me need some small money. Just tell them say Jah Cure says I am in Dubai and if they can pay for my hotel, the rest of my stay, we have a deal. I will sign and they just pay for the rest of my hotel.”

Cure has been receiving a lot of criticisms from reggae fans and some sound system selectors like Tony Matterhorn and Foota Hype for his strong statement. The singer initially apologized for his comments but later retracted it and doubled down after getting some backlash. Jah Cure is currently working on a new album, due sometime this year. His last project, The Cure, was released in 2015. This will be his eighth studio album.