Shenseea Responds To Leaked Explicit Photo “Yes I S**k D**k But…”


Shenseea is making one thing clear, the female in a leaked photo that went viral is not her.

There is a photo of a female, allegedly Shenseea, giving a male all of her brains, allegedly Romeich, that is making the rounds on social media. The photo spread like wildfire on Instagram and Twitter forcing the female dancehall deejay to release a video letting her fans know that the woman in the pic is simply not her. Her manager Romeich Major has also shot down the rumors saying that it’s just some envious people trying to tear down his artist.

“Alright so first of all me no have no acne in a my face and me never yet have acne in a my face point blank,” Shenseea said. “Around the rim of my fingers them not black and me never use no chrome white to bleach it out so it get like this. Thirdly, my eyelash them not so long you can look on it, they’ve never been that long. With that big smile showing on the picture so where is my dimple?”

Shenseea also made it clear that she does give brains and has no shame in her game. “I do s**k d**k if that is where we trying to get, I mean me not going to lie me like that sh*t, but that’s not me, please,” she added.

Shenseea also pointed out that she is mixed with Korean and the female in the video look more like Indian.

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Nuff a unu love me for my REALNESS unu know me STRAIGHT FORWARD BAD!! People saying its photoshopped but i dnt think it looks real, its just not me..I’m korean that deadass look like an Indian to me. Where’s my dimple? ????? my eyebrows don’t even look like dat ?my friends, team and family KNOWS I would own that shxt ??????? cause I have no skeletons in my closet and there is NOTHING that I have done that I’m ashamed of, cause I make my own choices and when Me a make them Me nuh think bout people cause I legit do not BOLD bad..too much physical features are wrong ? whoever started this I just want ya to know you have to try again ? but I’m glad people see how unu take set pon me ALL THE TIME but my back broad ??they say “you can’t crown a Queen in her own country” but unu ago live fi c me run bou ya ?@romeichwear how d top part a u body so brown n d bottom half so black!? A so u did stay? ?? y’all must have diarrhea cause y’all cnt stop the shit ? #SHENYENGZ #FOREVER

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