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Drake’s Reign At The Top Of Hip Hop Ended Says Ice Cube

Is Drake reign at the top of hip hop ended?

Ice Cube thinks that Drake will not continue to be the top rapper in the game after that Pusha T beef. At the time of this publication, Drizzy has not responded to King Push and most of us is thinking that he won’t. Legendary N.W.A rapper, Ice Cube, sat down for an interview on the Sana G Morning Show where he made the bold statement that Drake will not continue to reign at the top of the rap game.

In Cube’s analysis, rappers usually stay at the top for three years and Drake is around the three-year mark in his reign. Whether or not the Toronto rapper is even the number one rapper in the game is still up for debate, but he is always mentioned in the top 5 debates in barbershops. Perhaps Ice Cube will include a discussion like that in his next Barber Shop film which he revealed he is finishing the script as we speak.

“Drake kind of build himself up to what he [is at], he had a good run, you only got a three-year run in the rap game baby,” Ice Cube said. “At the top, you only got three years at the tip top of the rap game and then you got to find your place in this thing.”

Most of us will disagree with Ice Cube’s assessment of Drake staying at the top because he currently has the number one and number three songs in the country. This month, he will be releasing his new album Scorpion which is expected to put up some big numbers on the streaming charts if judging by the performance of his last three bodies of work.

It will also be interesting to see how the Pusha T beef affect his career if any at all. But so far, Drake has been getting a beating on social media.