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Kanye West Diss Drake On New Album “YE”

Kanye West and Drake

Kanye West is ripping Drake all over his new album.

Kanye West is currently hosting his album listening party in Wyoming and a bunch of his celebrity friends and plenty fans flew in to listen to the project. One fan who is there in Wyoming listening to the project told us that Kanye West namedrop Drake on several of the singles on the album. “There is a Drake reference on almost every song on the album its almost pitiful,” we’re told.

Kanye camp has serious issues with the 6 God right now with his beef with Pusha T. While King Push seems to be grabbing most of the headlines right now, Drake is the one who is dominating the charts. His “Nice For What” song is back at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and “God’s Plan” is at number three. Still, Pusha T’s new diss track “The Story Of Adidon” is causing the man from Toronto a lot of headaches. Drizzy already established himself as a formidable foe in battle rap judging from the way he handled the Meek Mill situation. Clearly, Pusha is no Meek so this feud is shaping up to be one for the ages.

Some fans who are at the listening party have been weighing in on Twitter about Kanye West dissing Drake on his new album. “I just flew out to Wyoming to hear this new Kanye West album and I’m so disappointed,” one fan wrote. “On every single song he has a line about Drake smh. The instrumentals were pretty flames though, just ultimately confused.

Kanye West is currently streaming live the album listening party on the Wav app. You can tune in below.