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Meek Mill Gets Trolled On Twitter After Pusha T Handled Drake

Meek Mill and Drake

Meek Mill is getting trolled on Twitter after Pusha T showed him how to handle Drake.

The infamous beef between Meek Mill and Drake is old now but it’s still fresh in our minds mostly because of that classic diss track “Back To Back.” The song earned Drizzy a Grammy nomination even though he never won, but had he, then it would’ve been even more epic. Drake had to release two diss songs before Meek Mill could cough up one and when he did so well over a week later, it was so weak that people trashed him even more than they would’ve if he had remained silent.

The big difference here is that Pusha T responded. Although he took a little longer than most of us desired, he made up for it by dropping a worthy diss track that has social media buzzing and now the formidable foe name Drake is placed on the back foot in a rap beef for the first time.

Now Meek Mill is getting trolled relentlessly on social media just because Pusha T showed him up by handling Drake. “Pusha T’s career died a long time ago with Drake’s Two birds One Stone,” one fan wrote. “The Duppy freestyle is like poking a wound. It took Meek Mill going to jail for us to remember he existed. You don’t f*** with Drake. 90% of people reading this don’t even know who’s Pusha T.”

“It’s 5am in Toronto. Drake is struggling to come up with the perfect response,” another fan wrote. “He hears a knock on the door. He opens it, it’s Meek Mill. He’s dressed in a Ghostbusters costume. Meek pulls out a ballpoint pen from behind his ear, clicks it, Rocky’s Gonna Fly Now starts playing.”