Mr. Vegas Says Church Members Pulled Gun On Him And Kicked Him Out

Mr Vegas

If you see Mr. Vegas in the headlines today it’s because of his running with some church folks on Sunday.

The Dancehall star was kicked out of the YMCA in St Andrew on Sunday following a heated debate with Pastor Gino Jennings about faith. Mr. Vegas posted a video on social media of himself ranting about some men he claimed pulled gun on him and forced him out the church. He said some of the men are off-duty police officers.

The video clip shows Mr. Vegas and Pastor Jennings arguing on the pulpit over a previous sermon the famed pastor gave in December where he referred to female church members who wear makeup, paint their nails and do breast implants as prostitutes.

Mr. Vegas took issue with the statement and yesterday the two men decided to have a debate about it in church and well, that didn’t end so well. Jennings could be heard yelling the entertainer to quote a scripture in the bible that says women should wear makeup. Mr. Vegas grew frustrated saying that they turned down his microphone and was not giving him enough time to speak.

MV then requested that the pastor played the tape from his controversial sermon and at that point, the minister told the artist to leave. At that point, things got heated when Mr. Vegas says he is not going anywhere and Pastor Jennings would have to call the police.

Jennings then called in the church security and the ushers to remove Mr. Vegas from the church and that’s when the deejay says some of the men pulled guns on him.

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