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Rhymefest Responds To Kim Kardashian With Scathing Statement


Rhymefest responds to Kim Kardashian diss on Twitter.

Rhymefest and Kim Kardashian have been going at it on Twitter all weekend after the Chicago rapper aired out Kanye West for abandoning Donda’s House, a charity in Chicago founded by Fest. Kanye didn’t respond, but his wife Kim did and she was clearly angry. She even referred to him as a nobody. Rhymefest has since issued a lengthy statement explaining who exactly he is.

“I don’t care if no one on your timeline knows who I am,” he wrote. “The people in my community and in my city do, and that’s what truly matters to me. Your husband and I have been in correspondence for the last two months, which as you stated, even you saw me in the studio recently.”

“Understand that the mission of Donda’s House has always been the value of collaboration, community and empowering youth to pursue their creative goals and dreams,” Rhymefest added. “What part about that would make it worthy of you or anyone else destroying it? Speak to the 500+ youth that we‘ve worked with!”