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Kendrick Lamar Gets Blamed For White Fan Rapping N-Word On Stage

Kendrick Lamar

Be humble. Kendrick Lamar is getting blamed for a white fan saying the N-word on stage at one of his concerts.

Kendrick Lamar was performing at the Hangout Music Festival on Sunday night in Alabama when he called up one young fan on the stage to rap some lyrics to “m.A.A.d. city.” Things didn’t turn out as plan and the fan ended up rapping the portion of the lyrics with the N-word. Kendrick immediately stopped the fan and told her that she need to bleep out the N-word and then he gave her a second shot but she didn’t impress.

The crowd wasn’t too happy either and Kendrick Lamar escorted her off the stage. The fan did get some flack for her use of the N-word, but now Kendrick Lamar is getting some blame for what happened. Some folks are saying that the whole thing was a setup.