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A$AP Mob Co-Founder A$AP Bari Arrested For Sexual Misconduct


A$AP Mob rapper and co-founder A$AP Bari was arrested this week in London on suspicion of sexual misconduct.

A$AP Bary was arrested in London at the Heathrow Airport on Tuesday when he made a stop there via a connecting flight. TMZ reported that a woman filed a lawsuit in the UK last year November against the rapper saying that he sexually assaulted her. Authorities knew about his flight itinerary and took him off the flight and place him behind bars pending a full investigation.

In her suit, the woman claim that Bari burst into a room she was staying in at a hotel in London and yelled, “You f****d my assistant, now you are going to f*** me.” She yelled back saying no but he pulled the sheets off her and sexually assaulted her. Surprisingly, a friend of A$AP Bari recorded the incident and posted it on social media and it went viral.

The female victim says she fled the bedroom into a bathroom and he beat on the door yelling that he is going to f*** her and make her s*** his d***. Seems the rapper didn’t rape her, but she complained that he threw her into the hotel hallway naked.

A$AP Bari knew about the pending investigation before connecting through London because cops contacted him to come in for an interview. The rapper has since bonded out of jail but his passport was confiscated so he can never leave London until the case wrapped up.