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Andre 3000 Released Two Songs On Mother’s Day “Me&My” and “Look Ma No Hands”

Andre 3000 surprised us all when he dropped two new singles, “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” and “Look Ma No Hands,” on Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, two new Andre 3000 songs popped up on SoundCloud sending Twitter into a frenzy. On the single “Me&My,” the Outkast legend sings about riding shotgun to the grocery store with his mom with the windows down and then riding shotgun to the football game with his father.

The second song “Look Ma No Hands” is seventeen minutes long and features Three Stacks playing the bass clarinet while James Blake plays the keyboard in the piano instrumental beat. Questlove weighed in on the singles calling them deeply personal to Andre 3000.

“So #Andre3000 shares a song on Mother’s Day about his mom who passed on his bday…& his dad who passed a year later and damn man this his heartbreakingly amazing,” Quest wrote.

During an interview with GQ magazine last year, Andre 3000 opened up about his mother saying that she means everything to him. “I grew up a mama’s boy completely,” the Atlanta rapper said. “When I was small, she was like a dictator. I understand it now, but she still went hard. And I think when a male is not there, the woman goes harder. I would wrestle with my mom. Me and her, going at it. And then you go through this ‘Ah, man, I hate my mom’ phase.”