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Lil Yachty Says He Is Not A Mumble Rapper Here Is Why

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty says he is not a mumble rapper and here is why.

Lil Yachty became the face of whack rap last year following the disappointing sales of his debut album Teenage Emotions. The project sold 46,000 album-equivalent units in the first week to debut at No. 5 on the album chart. Yachty struggles to maintain his popularity in the months after the album dropped while also being labeled as just another mumble rapper.

In a recent interview with VLAD, Lil Yachty says it’s unfair to put him in the mumble rap category because he is so much more than that. The 20-year-old rapper also pointed out that he has a voice and he has been using it to push hip hop culture, while other artists are hiding from the media and running around getting high off lean.

Yachty also noted that sometimes when he is rapping he is wearing grips in his mouth and that makes it sounds like he is mumbling his words. “I be talking with grills sometimes, so it may sound sometimes like I mumble when I speak,” the rapper said. “A lot of ni**as think I be high. I ain’t smoke weed in like six, seven years, and I never been drunk.”

Lil Yachty raised some eyebrows recently when he staked his claim that he is a better rapper than 75% of the new rappers in the game now.