Was Barrington Levy “HIV Virus” Announcement A PR Stunt ?

Barrington Levy’s announcement earlier this week about having “a virus” left the dancehall community puzzled.

The reggae/dancehall icon posted a video on his Instagram page telling the world that he has “a virus.” He didn’t elaborate any further on the announcement nor did post a follow-up video despite his fans leaving comments on the post asking questions. Urban Islandz reached out to his team for comments but we didn’t get a response. Nevertheless, a little bird told us that Barrington Levy is currently working on a project potentially titled “Love Virus.”

In his post on IG, Levy tagged Shaggy and Snoop Dogg and now we’re told that he is working on new music with those two artists. We’re told that the “Too Experience” singer is working on a new album due later this year and will be going on a major tour.

“I think it’s a song don’t really thinks he would have the virus HIV and come out live with it so please Barrington Levy we love you but don’t play with something like this,” one fan wrote on IG.

So the big question now is Barrington Levy pulling off a publicity stunt about contracting a deadly virus like HIV?