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Travis Scott Files Counter Suit In Super Bowl Lawsuit

Travis Scott is finally responding to a lawsuit over a Super Bowl gig.

Concert promoter PJAM is suing Travis Scott over a failed Super Bowl gig and now the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is returning the favor arguing in his court documents that the promoter broke the terms of their contract by not providing him with a travel itinerary. Scott is also keeping the dough he is already paid which is usually half of the fee, TMZ reported.

The rapper says he was ready to travel to Minnesota for the concert, but up until February 3rd, he did not receive any travel plans as previously agreed upon. He also admitted in his legal documents that he was paid a $150,000 advance for the show. Sources previously said Travis Scott canceled the gig because of weather and logistic reasons. The PJAM is not buying it and is saying that he just flat out didn’t show up because he didn’t want to perform.

Scott’s attorney, Howard King, released a statement saying that PJAM is only suing his client to salvage their damaged reputation. He also states that Travis Scott apologizes to the fans who were duped by the promoter. This sounds like it will be a legal showdown.