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Nelly Girlfriend Subpoena In Rape Case To Prove Her Alibi

Nelly girlfriend Shantel Jackson is being pulled into his rape case.

The rap legend is being sued by Monique Greene who accused him of sexually assaulting her on one of his tour buses, but Jackson is claiming that she was there at the venue and in his tour bus at the time of the alleged rape. She wrote a scathing comment on Instagram in January when multiple accusers started coming out of the woodwork accusing Nelly of sexual misconducts.

“Those dates these Jane Doe’s are claiming, I was at those venues, in the dressing rooms, and on that tour bus,” Shantel Jackson wrote. “There are women dealing with real issues of sexual assault and for the first time people are listening and there is a chance for real change.”

That statement is now causing her some legal troubles of her own because at least one of the victims she called out is now trying to haul her before the courts to potentially testify in the case.

Green’s legal team has subpoena documents from Jackson including airline tickets, photographs, bus tickets, phone records, receipts, social media posts, and any other records pertinent to her whereabouts around the dates of June 8-10 in 2016, October 5-7 in 2016, and December 4-6 in 2017.

Monique Greene is also ramping up the pressure on Nelly by requesting him to turn over a list of all sexual encounters he had with fans in his dressing rooms, hotels, and tour buses. She also wants his tax returns, and all documents relevant to the accusations against him.

Nelly shot back saying that she is asking for too much, and get this, Greene and her attorney are asking for Shantel Jackson’s deposition to be videotaped. The judge is yet to hand down a ruling.

Clearly, Nelly rape case is getting more serious so we will be watching this one closely.

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