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J. Cole Reveals “K.O.D” Album Tracklist With Two Kill Edwards Features

J. Cole new album “K.O.D” is due on Friday and the tracklist and cover art are now available.

The highly anticipated new album comes with 12 tracks including the Intro and get this, there is only two guest spots on the album from an artist name Kill Edwards. The true meaning behind the title “K.O.D” is not yet known but one of the working titles have been “Kids On Drugs” and judging from the artwork that could be spot on. J. Cole recently cleared his Instagram feed of all his previous posts before announcing that he is dropping the new album at a free pop up show in New York City on Monday night.

The Dreamville rapper broke the internet with his album announcement, a clear sign that he is one of the biggest names in the came currently. Only a select few artists can cause so much frenzy with an album announcement and these includes, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and JAY-Z.

At the moment we don’t know who Kill Edwards is but sources are saying he is a member of J. Cole’s Dreamville label. Nevertheless, we will know who he is on Friday when the album drop. Cole will likely be going on tour to promote the project, but so far nothing has been announced.

K.O.D. tracklist:

1. Intro
2. K.O.D
3. Photograph
4. The Cut Off ft. Kill Edward
5. ATM
6. Motives
7. Kevin’s Heart
9. Once An Addict (Interlude)
10. FRIENDS ft. Kill Edward
11. Window Pain (Outro
12. 1985 (Intro To The Fall Off)