Buju Banton Trinidad Concert In Jeopardy LGBT Community Moves In

Buju Banton concert in Trinidad and Tobago is in jeopardy as the LGBT community moves in.

For the past three decades, the LGBT community has targeted Buju Banton for his infamous 1993 anti-gay anthem “Boom Bye Bye.” The reggae singer has over the years move away from recording and performing similar type singles and has made it clear that he was a much younger artist when he recorded that song. Still, the LGBT community has been relentless in their attack on the incarcerated singer.

Now that Buju Banton is on the verge of leaving prison and return to music, activists from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community are setting their sites on one of the first concerts he is booked to perform on. Buju will be performing in Trinidad in April next year, which is a full year from now.

One activist based on T&T told us on Twitter on Monday that his community is strongly objecting to the planned concert because of who the artist is and what he thinks he represents. “We have serious concerns about bringing in someone like this who is notorious for murder music,” Luther said. “Why are we worshiping an artist who is a drug dealer and who calls for the killing of members of the LGBT community because of their sexual orientation. We strongly oppose this concert and we will let our voices be heard.”

When asked about any plans to protest or try and block the promoter from going forward with the show, the activist declined to reveal any details surrounding what they are planning.

Buju Banton is still one of the most popular artists out of the Caribbean and his song “Boom Bye Bye” is still very popular in the islands three decades after it was released. Buju, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is now on the final lap of his 10-year prison sentence. His prison release date is set for December 8th this year. He will return to Jamaica immediately after his release.