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Fabolous Threatens To Kill Emily B and Her Dad In Viral Video

Fabolous threatens to kill his baby mama Emily B.

A leaked video went viral online this weekend showing Fabolous in a heated argument with Emily B and her father. The veteran rapper was so angry in the clip that he told the mother of his kids and his stepdad that he has two bullets with their names on them. TMZ obtain the video that looks like a surveillance footage from the parking lot. The argument went down last Wednesday, the same day that Fabolous was arrested in New Jersey.

The clip shows Fabolous security guard holding him back from going after Emily Bustamante while her dad yelled: “that’s my mother****ing daughter.” Some users on social media were quick to point out that the way Emily reacted when the rapper lounge at her is a clear sign that she is terrified of him.

“The way Emily screamed in that video, you can tell fabolous has been abusive towards her before,” Alina tweeted. “There’s no excuse for him to threaten her in front of her father. He tried to charge at Emily but not the father. Men who hit women are cowards.”

For the last couple of days, Fabolous has been getting trashed on social media and this video just exacerbate everything.

Fabolous attorney, Alberto Ebanks, told Billboard that his client is not capable of the violent act he is accused of. “I’ve known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct,” Ebanks said.

His lawyer also added that no crime was committed in the video.