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Singer Jacquees Arrested In Miami For Driving Without Seatbelt

Jacquees R&B Singer

Jacquees is currently behind bars in Miami facing a number of charges.

The Atlanta singer/songwriter was arrested in South Beach, Miami on Wednesday for driving without a seatbelt and disturbing the peace. On Wednesday night, several videos of the arrest surfaced on social media. One clip shows Jacquees in handcuff while a police officer dragged him to the squad car. Onlookers were yelling the whole time asking why were the cops manhandling him.

In the police report, cops say that the singer, whose real name is Rodriquez Broadnax, refused to obey lawful orders from officers and was uncooperative when asked to pull over and provide a drivers license. “The defendant did not obey my command and instead kept driving the vehicle at a low rate of speed with heavy traffic still northbound on Ocean Drive,” the police report reads (via Miami Herald).

“He was then asked again to pull over and to provide me with his driver’s license,” the arresting said in the report. “The defendant once again refused to obey a lawful command from this officer.” A large crowd of spring breakers mostly teenagers and young adults gathered at the scene and were very vocal in their support for Jacquees. “Why do ya’ll have to be dragging him like that,” one of his fans yelled.

Jacquees is set to perform in Detroit this weekend so hopefully, he will be given bail to make it to that event.