Popcaan Drops $100K For Kids To Go See Black Panther


Popcaan donated a $100,000 for kids from the Walker’s Place of Safety to watch Black Panther.

Black celebrities across the U.S. have been spending their own money to rent out theaters across the country for less fortunate kids to watch the hit movie Black Panther. Now local dancehall celebrities are also doing the same. Popcaan donated a $100,000 to an initiative launched by radio host Nikki Z to help kids from the Walker’s Place of Safety to experience the movie first hand.

“Popcaan always give back to his community just that it’s not always publicized in the same manner as this charitable donation,” a rep for the Unruly Boss told us. “Poppy grew up dirt poor so he knows what it’s like to be one of those kids so the decision to donate to the cause was an easy one and while this is the first, it certainly won’t be the last.”

Since making the donation, Popcaan has been getting a lot of praise from fans, other dancehall celebrities and even some politicians. “I showed it to the kids and they were just so happy that this person they know and listen to on the radio did this thing for them,” Nikki Z said. “I already saw the movie, but watching it with them and seeing their feedback was way better than watching it the first time. They had a blast, not just watching the movie, but getting to eat just whatever they wanted from the venue, and the fact that they had a whole cinema for themselves made it all the more special for them. They really got the VIP treatment we were hoping to give them.”

Black Panther has been a huge hit since it’s Box Office shattering debut last month. The film is currently in the top five most successful movies of all-time in terms of Box Officer numbers.