Joey Badass Says He Is The King Of New York

Joey Badass step forward to claim the New York throne.

There have been a lot of talks about being the king of New York rap scene recently with newcomers like Tekashi 6ix9ine proclaiming he is the new king of New York. Now Joey is making some of those talks so the big question is, who is the new king of the birthplace of hip-hop and are any of these young rappers worthy of the title right now?

“All that king talk is cool and all but I just made 100+ racks yesterday off features,” he wrote on IG stories. “Another quarter mil off ghostwriting. Another 120K off an endorsement (front end). Not to mention the half a mil I brought in from touring about a month ago plus I’m going on tour AGAIN, in April. Plus another 300K in royalties coming in this month.”

Joey Badass is a very talented rapper in his own right, but proclaiming the king of New York rap is another argument.