Rihanna Fans Rips Chris Brown For Wishing Her Happy Birthday

Rihanna fans smell blood and Chris Brown is their target this time.

Breezy can’t get a break for even for doing something good. The “New Flames” singer wished his ex-girlfriend Rihanna a happy 30th birthday on Instagram yesterday and got hammered by her fans. Brown has since disabled the comment section on the post because of the really nasty comments that he was getting, but then the Navy take their trolling to Twitter.

Some of Chris Brown fans pushed back at Rihanna Navy saying that he should be forgiven for assaulting her several years ago. “Chris Brown fans really want us to forgive his woman beating ass,” one fan wrote. “Domestic abuse ISNT a mistake it’s a CONSCIOUS choice. Rihanna going back to him didn’t excuse his behavior as most domestic abuse victims do it continuously. He was cancelled after that & always will be.”

“Rihanna post the same photo Chris Brown post and STILL ain’t like the man photo. I love bajan savagery,” another fan added. This is the second time this month that Rihanna fans have attacked Chris Brown for mentioning her on social media. Last week he tweeted that he would like to go on tour with Rihanna, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. The Navy and Beyhive immediately went on the attack. Breezy has been getting a lot of hate on social media when it comes to anything to do with his ex-girlfriend.

Sources told us that he is simply blocking out all the hate and noise and do him. “He just blocks out all the unnecessary noise and continues to do him so if he wants to wish RiRi a happy birthday then nothing wrong with that,” sources said. “There are always these trolls on social media who say the most and a lot of them are not even fans, they are just social media trolls.”