DJ Khaled Gets Roasted On Twitter For Judging Dunks At NBA All-Star Weekend

DJ Khaled is currently getting roasted on Twitter for unfairly judging a dunk.

DJ Khaled was one of the guest judges at last night’s All-Star Weekend’s Verizon Slam Dunk contest and it ended badly for him because he has been getting hammered on Twitter. The rapper/producer was one of five judges on the panel, the other four are Mark Wahlberg, WNBA star Lisa Leslie, Chris Rock, and NBA legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving. While Larry Nance Jr., Victor Oladipo, Donovan Mitchell, and Dennis Smith Jr. all took part in the contest.

Dennis Smith Jr. put on a show for the fans and even the judges were so impressed that they all gave him a perfect score. Larry Nance Jr. also throws down an impressive double tap on the backboard to earn himself a perfect score. In the end, it was Michell who took home the trophy.

DJ Khaled was a bit harsh with some of the scores leading some viewers to air out their grouses on Twitter. One user even uploaded a video of Khaled from last year’s All Star game where he went on the court to show off his skills and ended up embarrassing himself.

“DJ Khaled is the worst judge. Don’t ever have him judge a dunk contest again. A 9? Really,” Gary vent while another user on Twitter added, “This was the dude judging the Dunk Contest. NBA gotta fire whoever thought having DJ Khaled judge the dunk contest would be a good idea.”