Troy Ave Responds To Backlash For Testifying Against TaxStone

Troy Ave has responded to some backlash for testifying against TaxStone.

Ave released an animated video for “2 Legit 2 Quit” on Thursday and in the cut, there is a scene where he testified in court against TaxStone, who is currently awaiting trial for killing the rapper’s close friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter. The video sparked some backlash against the New York rapper with some fans bashing him for being a snitch, something that’s frown upon in gangsta rap.

On Saturday, Troy Ave took to Instagram to address the criticisms as well as other criticisms ranging from him allegedly selling 4000 copies of his album and calling himself the new 2Pac. “Most people put in a situation where they gotta fight 4 they life woulda layed down and died that night, but I’m a soldier of GOD and this #GODSPLAN,” he wrote. “I been thru all this fake news try 2 tear Troy Ave down sh*t b4. Remember they said I shot myself & killed my best friend? Summa u believed it! truth came out yea! #FakeNews.”

“Remember when they took a 1hour interview where I was talkin real sh*t to y’all and to hide my message they twisted my words and said I’m saying I’m 2PAC?” he added. “So I made #NuPac & another quarter million. Moral of the Story U could believe wat u want say wat u want etc. ion care bout u crabs in a barrel or ya hood mentality that ain’t gettin u nowhere in life. Remember they said I only sold 4000 records & called it a L when in reality I sold almost 9k INDEPENDENT in a week (this is B4 trumped up Streaming #’s) made 90k so on a 4k budget = 86,000 profit! 1 week, they said that was a L.”

What some folks on social media are saying is that you can’t be from the streets and be a snitch at the same time.

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#troyave responds to ppl who say he snitching

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