Cardi B Fans Evicts Logan Paul From Her Comments For Saying This..

Cardi B fans totally trashed Logan Paul for leaving an insensitive comment on her Instagram page.

Logan Paul is having the worst time of his life on social media, he just can’t catch a break and some folks will argue that he cause it on himself. Last month, the YouTube blogger got hammered on social media for posting a video of a dead body on YouTube while visiting the famous Suicide Forest in Japan. He has since removed the video and apologize for being so insensitive.

The embattled video blogger is again in hot water, this time with Cardi B’s fans for leaving an insensitive comment on a post she made. “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ,” the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wrote. Logan Paul posted a comment on her post saying, “Lawls you telling me.”

Cardi B fans converged on that comment like flies drawn to a trash can and they ripped him to pieces. “Logan Paul commenting on Cardi B’s IG stop playing the victim you filmed a dead body without a care,” one fan wrote on while another added, “Logan Paul is now mainstream famous simply for being outrageously offensive to people, generating new microcontroversies every day. This is Trump’s America.”

Another comment reads, “Logan Paul’s idiotically tone deaf comment on Cardi B’s instagram which is STILL up. He learned nothing, was never sorry, thought the backlash was stupid, etc. etc.”