The Game Pens Heartfelt Letter To Late Father

The Game is in a sad place right now following the death of his father George Taylor.

The elder Taylor was found unresponsive at his home in Apple Valley, California in January (2018) and was pronounced dead when medics took him to the hospital. The Game has been quiet on social media about his dad’s death until now. The Compton rapper took to Instagram to share a heartfelt letter to his late dad while expressing his heartbreak.

“Dear Dad: As Friday draws closer & we prepare to lay you to rest…The emptiness left in your absence is eating away at my soul & no matter where I go, the pain follows…. lead me to the light & strengthen me as I was not prepared for your departure,” Game wrote.

“I’m usually the STRONGEST person I know… but this one is really breaking me down. I miss you dad,” he added. The Game also shared a poem he wrote while being locked away at his home after learning of his father’s death. “Just a few days ago, about short of a week,” he said. “All these feelings inside. I cannot explain how there’s so much love and it turned into all this pain. I locked myself in the house. Guess I needed my space.”