Listen Allan Kingdom Hot New Single – “Thirsty Pt. 2”

Allan Kingdom drops ha new banger for the ladies “Thirsty Part 2.”

The Canadian rapper/songwriter is known to bring new flavors to hip hop in an era where trap is dominating the airwaves. Since the release of his debut mixtape in 2011, Kingdom has been steadily building his underground fan base and now he is tasting mainstream success. In 2014, City Pages named him the best hip hop artist of the year. Last year, we witness him collaborating with the likes of Chronixx, DRAM and Gloss Gang. So don’t sleep on this artist this year.

Allan Kingdom began his music career with live performances in the Twin Cities where he met Justin Vernon at one of his shows. Vernon says he was drawn to his raw talent and thus introduced him to his good friend Kanye West, who at the time was looking for a collaborator for a new single. “He was listening to beats from somebody else, he was going through the whole folder and was like nope, next, next, next, next … Then I was supposed to play my music next,” Kingdom said. “I plug up my laptop, play him the first song, it plays all the way through and he’s like, ‘Cool, I like that.’ Then I played him every idea through. Then he says, ‘Well, how much of it can I use?'”

Kanye featured Kingdom on his next single titled “all Day” alongside Theophilus London and Paul McCartney. Listen to the song below and leave your comments.