Migos Feat. Gucci Mane – CC Lyrics

(Intro: Gucci Mane)
Huncho, Gato

(Chorus: Quavo)
Bad b**ch know something (know something)
Give her that money, go blow something (blow it)
She want a rack til’ I pop something (rack)
She want a trick, I’m not one (not one)
Pull up and hop on a baddie (skrrr)
She wanna text me the addie (text it)
They know we having it (woo)
Drums to the face, closed casket
The pot look greasy
Suck me up, she please me
Chanel like CC (CC)
Upgrade a b**ch from bb (bb)
If she money, she go get it (go get it)
All of her friends, they go with her (yuh)
She keep up them bands with no ni**a (racks)
She keep up them bands with no ni**a (hey)

(Verse 1: Quavo)
She see blue faces, it’s no explanation (no no)
Can you make this paper all across the nation? (whoa yeah)
Told her just be patient, I’m gon’ make you famous
If yo’ ni**a want beef, treat it like it’s angus (bow)
Eat it up
Little bit of d**k, get nasty
I gotta tip her (here)
I got a pretty girl, low-key classy
I gotta flip her (flip her)
I ain’t here for no pictures (nah)
Put Huncho in the middle (Huncho!)
Young ni**a popping them bands (woo)
Like Marshawn popping them Skittles (hey)
Young ni**a got a big green truck
Looking like Riddler Riddler
What b**ch name with the mean s*ck?
Damn, I can’t even remember (damn)
Money fall, yeah, timber (Timber!)
Ice on in the winter (ice)
Put the plug in the blender
Then, he showed up for dinner (that’s cold)

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 2: Gucci Mane)
I suppose, propose, to show off my rollie in rows
This goes, them hoes, we OC, outta control
f**k the folks and the border patrol, coast guard, free all of the bros
We the goats, who want some smoke cuz’ we set all of the smokes
We got lows, my 66′ spokes, they look like dinner rolls
I hit my coupe, now it’s a centerfold
Multi-million, but I gigolo
My portfolio say I sold plenty coke

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 3: Offset)
Applying the pressure for mo’ millions
The bricks come from Japan and Korea
I done made 2.5 on my Nokia
He got kidnapped after that sh*t too real
Bad b**ch, she walking with Chanel on her feet
Litty got her titties done, now she on fleek
Plain Jane rolling with the bust AP
I make the thottie meet me at the grand marquee
Playing for keeps, gotta move it lowkey
She trying to f**k, she in heat
Yeah, she gotta f**k by the three (smashed)
Tip toeing back door and creep (back-do)
I don’t know no tricks, but I treat (trick)
I told her to s*ck with a beat
Put Emerald sets in my links
24 karat my sink

(Verse 4: Takeoff)
175 for the mink
Turn the housewife to a freak
And I got the ice on fleek
Chanel double down, CC
He’ll tell you, it’s a price on me (he’ll tell you)
Ran off, made your life on me
No gun, pull a knife on me
Back back, get your wife off me
On sight with me, my diamonds fight with me
Can’t clone, we on
Fly like drones, they biting me (rrrr)
A sight to see, this gas tank on E
North Pole, wrist on freeze
Wait til’ my dawg get free

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)