Dave East and Nas Drop Cinematic Video “The Hated”

Dave East and Nas serve up a short film-like video for their collaborative effort “The Hated.”

The 10-minute cut was directed Kid Art which tells a true story of a crime drama type film based in New York City. The clip introduced the Anthony and Corey characters, played by Cominaharr and Mike Troll respectively, that Dave East raps about on the track. The video starts out with East and his homie being captured by heavily armed police offices before transitioning to the life portrayed by Anthony and Corey.

“One conversation between homies, better yet brothers, That used to spend the night with each other, They moms was best friends, One name was Anthony, the hood called ’em Ant Live, Kept his pistol on ’em, so he bought a bigger pant size, He got a little colder the moment he watched his man die,” Dave East raps.

Nas did not appear in the video but he sends shout-out to his brother Dave East who dropped his Paranoia: A True Story, P2 mixtape on Tuesday. The project has some recognized names on the tracklist including Marsha Ambrosius, Lloyd Banks, T.I., and Tory Lanez.