Hip Hop Twitter Reacts To Kevin Gates Release From Prison

Kevin Gates is now a free man and the hip hop Twitter community is reacting.

The Baton Rouge rapper was released from prison on Wednesday morning in Illinois after serving 9 months in jail. He was originally sentenced to 30-months for a gun charge, so he was released on parole which carries some conditions like mandatory supervision and cannot be in possession of any firearm, at least until his probation ends. More details about his parole will be coming so check back with regularly.

Last year he served six months in jail in Florida for an assault charge but upon his release, he was extradited to Illinois for the pending weapons charge. In that case, a warrant was out for his arrest, but this time there are no outstanding warrants, at least none that we are aware of. Kevin Gates has already made his first post on Instagram which has already racked up close to half a million likes within a few hours. “I’m Him,” he wrote in front a blacked out background.

Hip hop Twitter has been celebrating his release from prison all day. “Kevin Gates got 180 days in jail for kicking a fan who kept grabbing him, he tried to use the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, but was denied. George Zimmerman followed and murdered an innocent 17 year old Trayvon Martin and was allowed to use the law. Trust me I understand,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Not all fans were happy about his release from prison. There were some trolls who were just hell-bent on making their voices heard. “Please keep Kevin Gates and that trash music locked up in prison where it belong,” one fan tweeted.