Chief Keef Had 8 Different Drugs In His System In DUI Arrest

Chief Keef might want to make a New Year’s Resolution to stay off drugs.

The Chi-Town rapper had at least 8 different drugs in his system during his DUI arrest last year, TMZ reported. Keef was arrested in Miami in April last year after cops say they spotted him conducting a marijuana transaction in the middle of the street. Turns out that weed wasn’t the only drug he was taking while partying in Miami Beach that weekend.

Chief Keef was required to submit a urine sample for testing and he complied. The test came back showing a massive amount of drugs in his system including codeine, morphine, THC, norcodeine, promethazine, hydromorphone, and dihydrocodeine. The Florida state attorney dropped the driving under the influence charge against the rapper on Tuesday but file it back the next day since it was only done due to a scheduling issue.

During his arrest, Keef told cops that he will have his attorney send them his marijuana card, that’s after he submitted his urine sample. Now where does that leave the other drugs inside his system. Last year, rapper Lil Peep died from a drug overdose on fake codeine, a substance he has been hooked on for sometime.