Big Sean Gave Bryson Tiller Some Advice About Joy and Love Frequency

Big Sean gave Bryson Tiller a few word of advice about the frequencies of love and joy.

Tiller, who has had a successful year for his career, went on Twitter on Wednesday to get some things off his chest. 2017 is undoubtedly a year where social media and internet bullying and trolling dominate the digital space. Most celebrities have a love-hate relationship with some of their fans and some folks can stay behind their keyboards and troll celebrities all day long.

“Spent a lot of time tryin to fix what haters didn’t like about me only to be reminded by those who love me that i was never broken.. focus on the love never the hate,” Bryson Tiller tweeted. Big Sean seems like he was just having a positive day and went on Twitter to share a positive message with his fans when he got wind of Tiller’s statement and decided to share his thoughts on it.

“Facts! U can’t please everybody bro, atleast please yourself! No point in changing your frequency of joy n love to accommodate opinions or hate. I had to learn that too. Keep up the good work, 2018 lookin bright!” Big Sean tweeted. Sean Don has been dealing with his own critics on social media about his recent joint project “Double or Nothing” with Metro Boomin. I personally think that the album was excellent.