Nicki Minaj Stars In New H&M Holiday Campaign With Jesse Williams

Nicki Minaj takes on a starring role in the new H&M Holiday Campaign with Jesse Williams.

This is the second TV ad for H&M that Nicki Minaj and Williams are starring in. The Young Money rapper has been teasing some behind the scenes clip of her collaboration with H&M and now we finally are seeing the ads where she plays a fairy godmother and Jesse Williams is her husband.

The nearly three and a half minute clip became available this week showing a magical fairy tale land of elves, fairies, Santa Claus and even his evil brother all in a parallel universe. The cut also shows Jesse Williams reading his daughter a bedtime story about an evil villain who stole gifts from children on Christmas, but he is tracked down by a brave young girl.

Nicki Minaj, aka the Wisest Thingy, aka the girls Fairy Godmother and Jesse Williams, aka the Fastest Fairy in the World helped the heroic girl by creating a black hole inside her bedroom. When that didn’t help her track down the gift thief, she magically found his address on the internet and it turns out to be Santa Claus’ brother. Watch the commercial below.