The Game Drops Freestyle “I turned 38 and I’m still rapping still”

The Game is celebrating his 38th birthday today (November 29) with a fire freestyle.

The Compton rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, posted three clips on his Instagram today showing a bottle of Hennessy beside a candle and himself in the background rapping a cappella. In the first clip, he started out by taking a jab at JAY-Z who famously responded to him in his song “The Prelude.” “I used to think rapping at 38 was eww / Until I turned 38 and I’m still rapping still,” Game raps.

“I used to think rapping at 38 was ill / When last year alone I grossed about 38 mill / I know I ain’t quite 38 but still / The flow so Special got a .38 feel / The real is back,” JAY-Z raps in “The Prelude.” Hip Hop fans things that it was a response to The Game’s line in the classic single “It’s Okay (One Blood)” featuring Junior Reid where he took a shot at Hov. “What DJ gonna turn down the thirty-eight snub? / You thirty-eight and you still rapping? Urgh / I’m 26 ni**a, so is the dubs,” Game raps.

“Chill slow movement these days / Everybody wonna ball am cool with it these days / Yeah just happy a ni**a made it / If me and a ni**a meet I ain’t even wonna say it / But this morning am off Hennessy ni**a,” he continues. The Game also took a jab at Meek Mill being in prison and we all know about the deep rooted hatred between the two rappers. “F*** jail I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy,” he raps. He then went into a past controversial topic where he named a number of famous women that he has had intimate relationships with. “I smashed everything except Nicki, Bey, and Rihanna,” he raps after hinting that he didn’t want to embarrass Kanye West by naming Kim Kardashian on the list of women he smashed.

Some fans are already asking The Game if he will stop rapping since he is now 38 years old, especially after publicly calling out JAY-Z when he was 38 and still rapping. The West Coast rapper named a bunch of other rappers who he listens to including JAY, Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, Chance The Rapper, Cardi B, Nas, 21 Savage, Eminem, and more.